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Ship name Douglas/Martin

Whilst Cabin Pressure and Douglas/Martin fangirling with lostwithoutmy we spoke about ship names and we tried some combination but Martin and Douglas are really really not the best names to do that with. (martlas, dougtin, douglatin, dortin, crieffchardson, Richardieff, Richcrieff, Crieffson etc etc. I saw Mouglas too but apparantly that’s already another ship.)

Nothing really sounds like them and lostwithoutmy pointed out that Douglas might be a bit too distinguished for that. Ah, she’s so right.

And while my favourite Sky God With Angel wouldn’t really work she came up with SkyGods. SKYGODS!! I looooove it.

Because, quoting her: “Douglas is Douglas and Martin is Icarus”.


I know I’ve no chance to convince others, probably, but I like it :D

EDIT: I just heard a new suggestion by the awesome thekaskproject : Marlas. MARLAS. Love it too. Why do I never have such great ideas? Marlas Skygods. Yesssss. Asdgjll.

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