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Learned that I have not drawn these cuties, so here we go.


Waiting for a friend.
Sherlock wasn’t perfectly sure what school was, but he knew that when John comes back he’ll explain to him. 

And because I’m not able to draw even a small single deer leg, the credit for those 2 goes to my friend Luthrya without whom I’d be completely lost.


Junejuly15 asked for John pushing Sherlock against a wall, and kissing him… (and for some skin. ;)) And I can’t say I object.

Thanks for the request. :D

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Merlin Reincarnation AU: Several months after Arthur returns, Merlin introduces him to video games.  They spend many late nights playing Mario Kart, Pokemon, and a few other classics, all with the ultimate video game console emulator Merlin was able to develop in his years waiting for his king.  Arthur’s the one who decides that they should make their very own YouTube channel. 


thank you!

this is not military kink, sorry, but I hope you like it)

Just Merthur things

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No matter where you end up in the world, your home is where your heart is.

Annis: I think it’s time for some entertainment. I would love to see your fool perform. Given all his failings, he must have some skills.
Arthur: You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

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